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ING Invoice Services provides a solution to inefficiency and can help lighten the administrative burden of companies both large and small in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. The service is aimed at both business customers (B2B) and consumers (B2C). We offer products including the Digitale Nota (digital giro collection), Ingis (an e-invoicing portal) and Direct Biller solutions. We offer a full range of electronic invoicing services for the business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) markets. We focus on the Digitale Nota, an electronic invoice delivered directly to the internet banking environment of the consumer. In addition we are a reseller for Ingis, an internet platform which organisations can use for the presentment of invoices to their clients.


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January 2009

  1. ING connects to the Digitale Nota via Billington

    As of this week,┬ásenders of Digitale Nota who are serviced by Billington, can also reach their customers who are using the Postbank internet banking environment ( By connecting ING with the 3 main Biller Service Providers, the Digitale Nota is now fully operational and there is no reason anymore not to realize […]