FIT Solutions

FIT Solutions commenced business in Turkey in year 1999 is a software company offering innovative technology solutions and services with its innovative and experienced team.

FIT Solutions, creator of world’s new evolution ‘e-Transformation’concept is following world trends by its increasing R&D teams, and is one of the 3 companies bearing the leadership of electronic transition in Turkey.

FIT Solutions, solution partner of companies throughout electronic transition, offers solutions that increase business productivity, easing cost and time management in organization of companies  ‘e-Transformation’ processes such as ’ ‘e-Invoice’, ‘e-Ledger’, ‘e-Signature’, ‘e-Dispatch Note’, ‘e-Archive’ and ‘e-Ticket’.

FIT Solutions generates “Institutional Value Engineering” projects focused on R&D and innovation for its leading partner companies as well as domestic and foreign companies in various industries, carrying companies to ‘e-Transformation® environment with an added value.

FIT Solutions effected 300%growth in year 2013, and targeting 100% growth in year 2014

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February 2017

  1. Turkey covers a substantial distance in the e-Transformation process

    FIT Solutions, Turkey’s leading e-Transformation enterprise, analyses the conversion created by e-Transformation as follows….

January 2017

  1. e-Transformation in Turkey by figures

    Approximately 14 million e-Invoices are issued on a monthly basis and digitalized among only the taxpayers within e-Invoice system.

December 2016

  1. Turkey: introducing the e-Delivery Note to combat the grey economy

    The commencement date for the implementation of electronic delivery note planned by the Turkish Revenue Administration to combat the grey-economy is 1st of January 2017.

November 2016

  1. Turkey: “Export invoices shall be treated and issued as an e-invoice”

    In addition to current basic and commercial invoice scenarios existing in today’s legal e-invoicing compliance framework in Turkey, there will also be an export scenario arriving soon.

September 2016

  1. e-Invoicing and e-Archive Invoicing in Turkey, an update

    e-Invoice system is a structure that circulates only among the registered users. The invoice recipient is required to be on the list of registered users of Revenue Administration (GIB) in order to be able to perform e-Invoice transmission.

August 2016

  1. FIT Solutions announces its Supply Chain Finance Service in the Turkish finance sector

    e-Finance is a FIT Solutions Supplier Financing Platform which steps in the situations where the corporations are required to collect their receivables earlier in order to make their payments regularly and on time.

June 2016

  1. FIT Solutions’ e-Transformation is transforming Turkey

    FIT Solutions keeps on being the leading solution partner in e-Transformation® processes of the enterprises in Turkey. The products of FIT, which provides services to 70% of the biggest 2000 enterprises in Turkey.

February 2016

  1. FIT Solutions: Turkey’s e-Transformation Leader, preferred by SMEs

    FIT Solutions continues to act as the leading solution provider for the companies in Turkey in their e-Transformation processes. Providing services to 70% of the top 2000 firms in Turkey, FIT Solutions is also preferred by SMEs.

April 2015

  1. The state of E-invoicing and E-transformation in Turkey, an update

    This year, 25 thousand new companies will be included in e-Invoice scope in Turkey. Thanks to the conveniences provided to companies, FIT Solutions will continue to grow in direct proportion to the market. Time for an overview.

March 2015

  1. Introducing FIT Solutions: creator of world’s new ‘e-Transformation’ concept

    We are glad to welcome yet another participant from Turkey. It shows once again that Turkey is at the forefront of e-invoicing, e-ledger, e-signatures, e-archiving and e-ticketing.

    According to data from Turkish Information Technologies Industrialists Association, the e-Invoice market in Turkey is approximately worth 300 million dollars and Turkey is expecting a rapid and significant growth of market through ‘e-Transformation’. FIT Solutions is taking an active role in this process with their added value services.