Edicom is a company dedicated to the development and implantation of high performance business-to-business (B2B) transaction systems. Specialists in consulting and EDI software development (applications and processes) and data integration (XML, EDIFACT, X12, XBRL, etc.), with our own Value Added Network EDICOMNet for secure information transfer, as well as solutions in the field of Continuous Replenishment (CRP) and Traceability. As Certification Authority we are able to deliver a world-wide solution for electronic invoicing, also with an advanced digital signature service. Outside Europe, Edicom delivers electronic invoicing solutions for countries like Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Chile. Edicom dedicates an important part of its resources to research and development of new communications solutions and how to implement the latest technological breakthroughs.


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December 2014

  1. Latin America is at the forefront of mandatory electronic invoicing

    E-invoicing is expanding rapidly worldwide. According to Billentis, this year roughly 40 billion invoices will be exchanged in this format. Of these, more than half, about 25 billion, correspond to Latin America. Time to take a look at the situation in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Uruguay, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Costa Rica….

  2. Expert Analysis: FACTURAE 3.2, Technical Requirements for General Entry Points for E-Invoices (PGEFe)

    A resolution published in the Official Gazette last October sets out the technical requirements for general entry points for electronic invoicing. In this Expert Analysis, EDICOM Pre-sales Manager Miguel Soler analyses the implications of these requirements for Public Administrations and their providers.

  3. E-Invoicing- Key stakeholders as game changers [Billentis report]

    A market report authored by Bruno Koch of Billentis, a globally recognized industry analyst in the e-invoicing space, examines the global opportunities for electronic invoicing / electronic billing in 2014. The market is expected to grow at 20-25% in the coming years. Companies considering e-invoicing solutions can use this report to find the best model for themselves and a suitable solution.

  4. Switzerland starts with mandatory B2G e-invoicing as from 1 January 2016

    Switzerland is the latest European country to announce the roll-out of e-invoicing. As of January 1, 2016, Suppliers to the Federal Administration holding contracts with a value equal to or greater than 5000 CHF will be obliged to use this new system.

November 2014

  1. Mandatory e-invoicing in Ecuador is making big progress in 2015!

    January 1, 2015 is the next important date scheduled in the e-invoicing rollout schedule in Ecuador. Although this system has been operating on an optional basis since 2012, this year the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a ruling making it compulsory for different taxpayer groups, with the aim of expanding its use to increase cost savings and combat tax evasion.

  2. EDICOM partners with TAXCOM to deliver its EDI ASP platform in Russia

    The partnership enables TAXCOM to distribute solutions EDICOM’s electronic data interchange solutions in service mode. The idea is direct integration of a client companies’ management systems with the ASP platform of EDICOM, without the need for costly investments in hardware and software.

  3. Chili believes e-invoicing to be an ally against tax fraud

    Since November 1 this year, Chilean companies with annual revenues greater than 100,000 UF will be required to issue the Electronic Tax Document (DTE). And in 2018 mandatory e-invoicing will be in full effect in Chile. According to former SII Director, Alejandro Burr, Chili can raise roughly $600 million per annum due to the reduction in taks fraud and increased fiscal control.

  4. CFDI download portals remain legal despite recent SAT ruling

    On 5 October, the Mexican SAT announced a new non-binding criterion related with CFDI E-invoices. According to this ruling, it is improper to ask buyers to enter a particular website to get their receipt, since the seller is obliged to issue it directly. However both SAT and Amexipac have stated that CFDI portals for issuing and downloading invoices “are legal and authorized”.

October 2014

  1. Three e-Accounting (eContabilidad) challenges in Mexico

    Mexico is streets (en probably blocks) ahead of Europe, when comes to e-invoicing. Now, Mexico is taking another step: e-accounting. Or in Spanish: Contabilidad Electronica, in short: eContabilidad. Now, the fact that something becomes mandatory, doesn’t necessarily means that it gets easier or simpler. In this article EDICOM discusess the challenges that comes with Mexican eContabilidad.

  2. EDICOM, first PAC to be CFDI authorised by SAT

    Edicom states that it is the first PAC in Mexico authorized by the SAT. Their electronic invoicing solutions are designed to meet all legal requirements, while enabling users to take full advantage of the CFDI. In addition, EDICOM is endorsed by certificates such as ISO, SOX and NOM151 (electronic notary).