Edicom is a company dedicated to the development and implantation of high performance business-to-business (B2B) transaction systems. Specialists in consulting and EDI software development (applications and processes) and data integration (XML, EDIFACT, X12, XBRL, etc.), with our own Value Added Network EDICOMNet for secure information transfer, as well as solutions in the field of Continuous Replenishment (CRP) and Traceability. As Certification Authority we are able to deliver a world-wide solution for electronic invoicing, also with an advanced digital signature service. Outside Europe, Edicom delivers electronic invoicing solutions for countries like Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Chile. Edicom dedicates an important part of its resources to research and development of new communications solutions and how to implement the latest technological breakthroughs.


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May 2017

  1. E-invoices in Costa Rica can now be issued in other than the national currency

    Until now, the resolution stated that invoices could be issued only in colones. This change will be beneficial to Costa Rican taxpayers who depend on foreign operations in other currencies.

  2. How to: Managing Payment Advances with CFDI 3.3 [video + infographic]

    Click here to watch the video and download the infographic, which show all the changes taking place in 2017 for online digital tax documents.

  3. Preparing for the Spanish SII? EDICOM has the right tools for you

    On July 1, 2017 the new model developed by the Tax Agency for filing VAT returns electronically comes into force. In less than two months, 62,000 Spanish businesses will be required to adapt to the new rules

April 2017

  1. SAT updates to CFDI 3.3 and introduces the ‘payment receipt complement’ + INFOGRAPHIC

    These updates are designed to ensure a better experience of using e-invoicing and to remedy incidents that are detected over time with the application of this system.

  2. 9 Main advantages of using EDI in your organisation

    In this new chapter of the EDICOM EDI Academy, the nine main advantages offered by the electronic exchange of any logistical, commercial or fiscal document are highlighted

  3. Are you ready for the Chorus Pro mandate in France? Download this White Paper

    The B2G e-invoicing on-boarding process in France kicked off last January with the Chorus Pro model. >1 Million French companies have to make changes. Read how to makes these changes

March 2017

  1. EDICOM Expert Analysis: The NHS E-procurement Strategy [download]

    This NHS E-procurement strategy guide covers the most important technical and legal aspects of the new NHS e-Procurement system, and the phases to be undertaken for optimum implementation.

  2. EDI ACADEMY – Integrating EDI with your ERP system

    By integrating EDI with ERP, staff can maintain their working procedures, but now without paper, boosting productivity and with tighter security guarantees.

  3. EDICOM: Challenges of International E-invoicing

    An international e-invoicing project poses technical, interconnectivity, legal and compliance challenges. EDICOM explains how they deal with these challenges.

  4. EDICOM signs interoperability agreement in Australia and Brazil

    The interconnection agreement with the Australian company B2BE DE, marks yet another step forward in EDICOM’s consolidation as the EDI provider with a global coverage