CloudTrade is one of the fastest growing e-invoice networks and built firmly on the premise that e-invoicing should be free for suppliers, easy-to-use and non-disruptive – only then will suppliers move away from paper.

These principles underpin the CloudTrade service. Technical, process and commercial barriers that often exist with more traditional e-invoicing and EDI services are removed with CloudTrade, with the net result being: more paper is removed in a shorter time frame than any other e-invoicing or B2B integration approach - guaranteed.


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March 2017

  1. CloudTrade becomes a UK Oracle Community Network member

    In partnership with UKOCN, CloudTrade is going to provide its cloud based e-invoicing services to deliver cost-effective, high adoption e-invoicing solution to the Oracle’s enterprise network.

February 2017

  1. 5 facts and myths about PDF invoices you should know about

    PDF invoicing isn’t getting the recognition it deserves. E-Invoicing can get far more technical, however the simplicity and ease of transition makes PDF invoicing an excellent starting point for companies making the change.

  2. CloudTrade and Capita help UK public sector organisations achieve 60% back office savings

    CloudTrade’s hosted e-invoicing solution working in partnership with Capita will reduce administration costs and time by fully automating a customer’s accounts payable (AP) processes.

January 2017

  1. How the Scottish Approach can help the US e-invoicing adoption

    “to move to all-electronic invoices by 2018 it is imperative that suppliers can come on board quickly and easily. PDF e-invoicing will enable this. In fact, I would go so far as to say, it is essential.”

  2. Getting one step closer to paperless invoicing

    Since most billing applications can generate and send PDF invoices via email, it is the easiest and quickest way to move closer to a paperless office.

  3. Richard Manson: “Why is paper still so prevalent in business today?”

    Why organisations will need to ditch paper if they want to keep up and connect with organisations across the globe.

  4. CloudTrade awarded US Patent for its Gramatica document data extraction.

    CloudTrade’s Gramatica software uses unique artificial intelligence (AI) rules with backward tracking search, to interpret, validate, and extrapolate semantic meaning.

December 2016

  1. CloudTrade is now a PEPPOL Access Point

    Public sector organisations, in addition to organisations within the National Health Service, will now be able to access the full range of CloudTrade’s PEPPOL services

  2. PEPPOL set to deliver e-invoicing step-change

    PEPPOL is to do for European e-invoicing what roaming agreements between mobile operators have done since the 1990s, says Richard Manson, commercial director of CloudTrade.

November 2016

  1. CloudTrade receives ISO27001 and CyberEssentials security certifications

    The Cyber Essentials certification for system security is a requirement for businesses intending to bid for any Government and public sector IT contracts.