Basware provides open, secure, cloud-based purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions to organizations of all sizes, resulting in greater efficiencies in procurement, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Companies across all industries, from small businesses to corporate giants use Basware solutions to drive sustainable cost savings, proactive insight to cash flows and improved buyer–supplier relationships. The Basware Commerce Network is founded on the principles of openness, where all types of organizations can collaborate and trade, making it the largest in the world. Today we connect millions of business users in 900,000 companies across over 100 countries. Basware is the global leader in providing solutions for better buying, better selling and connected commerce. Find out how Basware boosts financial performance and profitability at


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  1. Webinar: How Today’s e-Invoicing Technologies Will Improve Your Bottom Line

    Electronic invoicing systems allow suppliers and buyers to strategically enhance their operations regardless of size or location. The savings possible with an e-Invoicing system are remarkable. Additional benefits include the ability to:

    Improve your domestic and international business
    Ensure compatibility across different ERPs and accounting systems
    Standardize your invoicing process
    Increase supplier adoption rates domestically and across borders
    Control compliance […]

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March 2015

  1. eBook: 6 Steps to e-Invoicing Succes

    Written by Basware, this e-invoicing e-book is the result of extensive experience in developing and implementing e-invoicing across diverse industries, sectors and markets.

February 2015

  1. ING partners Basware to offer automated invoice payment

    The e-payment solution makes early payment to suppliers easier while leading to direct cost savings for buyers. An initial estimate shows that buyers could save up to 1% of their indirect spend while suppliers’ liquidity improves as they are paid within 3-5 working days.

  2. How Heineken achieved 90% straight-through-processing rates with e-invoicing

    The Heineken story is quite impressive. In addition to all the great things you know about the brand, Heineken has achieved great success in their finance department over the past few years with a combination of accounts payable automation and e-invoicing.

  3. Basware introduces new financing service: Dynamic Discounting

    Basware Discount brings dynamic terms and early payment benefits to buyers and suppliers. Invest in your supply chain and capture a return of over 30 percent.

  4. Basware publishes its strategy for 2015 – 2018

    The key strategic objectives are: 250 million processed transactions and increasing the share of recurring revenue to over 80% of net sales during the fiscal year 2018. And an organic annual net sales growth of over 10 percent.

  5. Invoice automation case study: Forbo Flooring [download]

    Forbo implemented Basware Invoice to automate invoice processing – which has increased efficiency so that their staff has been freed up to take on additional responsibilities.

  6. The vision of Basware’s CEO on the evolving e-invoicing arena

    At the end of 2014, more than 78 million annual transactions were processed via Basware Commerce Network. In this video Esa Tihilä discusses how the e-invoicing market and industry will evolve in 2015 and beyond.

January 2015

  1. Interview: the future of e-invoicing by Bruno Koch + 2015 trends

    In this webinar, with guest Bruno Koch of Billentis, Basware examines e-invoicing trends, separate hype from reality – and do their very best to prepare you for the forces that are changing the B2B landscape in 2015. Basware predicts 2015 as the year of global business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce based on 5 key trends.

  2. Basware delivers full purchase to pay to Finnish housing provider

    The customer is already using Basware’s accounts payable solution, and the cooperation will be expanded to cover the entire purchasing process, catalog services, and inbound and outbound e-invoicing with supplier activation services.

  3. Basware signs AP Automation and e-invoicing contract in N-America

    Basware has signed an agreement for the delivery of accounts payable automation and e-invoicing solutions with a provider of hospital services in North America. The agreement includes invoice automation and 100% inbound e-invoicing.