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Order2Cash is a pioneering provider of global order to cash optimization services. Its solutions empower the work of Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized enterprises across the globe, enabling them to accelerate their order to cash cycle and boost overall business performance. Order2Cash’s expertise in streamlining complex business-critical processes helps companies reduce costs and optimize their spending on resources and technology. Companies rely on Order2Cash solutions to support their DSO reduction and cash flow management projects and utilize the wealth of data Order2Cash curates to make accurate forecasting decisions. Cited by Gartner as a pure-play e-Invoicing provider on numerous occasions, the company has also recently been mentioned as one of the FAB 50 coolest tech companies in the Netherlands by METISfiles.


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December 2016

  1. Order2Cash newsletter 12-2016: SimplerInvoicing, Mandates, Knowledge Sessions, and more!

    In this newsletter: Dutch Central Government mandates e-Invoicing from January 2017. Order2Cash can help you prepare. Order2Cash knowledge sessions in Amsterdam: e-Invoicing is only the beginning.

October 2016

  1. World’s largest buyer to adopt mandatory e-invoicing

    No, it’s not Walmart. And it’s not Exxon Mobile or Berkshire Hathaway either. The world’s largest buyer of goods and services, the U.S. Federal Government, has officially climbed aboard the e-invoicing bandwagon.

September 2016

  1. How to make sense of e-Invoicing mandates and protect your business

    In their upcoming webinar, Anachron takes a look at the current state of e-Invoicing across Europe and beyond. Anachron discusses the challenges and opportunities of mandated e-Invoicing.

  2. Leaky receivables? Anachron has an Order to Cash spreadsheet to check your performance

    There are 25 easy-to-answer questions on the first tab. Fill out your details and once you’ve finished, the analysis tab will provide you with a graded overview and a detailed costs based analysis.

June 2016

  1. Order2Cash and BVCM join forces to realize a unique financial BPO proposition

    Both companies will combine their core competences in order to realize a unique Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) platform for the processing of accounts receivable and order-to-cash related activities.

  2. Anachron rebrands to Order2Cash, claims center stage of global Order2Cash market

    Anachron has refined its total product portfolio, retiring the InvoicePortal brand and upgrading all customers to its Order2Cash platform. As such, all of its customized white-label solutions and off-the-shelf self-service solutions will bear the Order2Cash brand.

  3. Anachron’s Order2Cash e-Invoicing solutions certified as PEPPOL Access Points

    The aim of the OpenPEPPOL project is to simplify electronic procurement across Europeanborders by developing technology standards that can be implemented across all governments within the region.

May 2016

  1. Anachron adds Paragon Group to its network of Order2Cash output partners

    The collaborative and open partnership between Anachron and Paragon enable them to offer a full output programme to mutual customers for their complete billing and invoicing process, as well as other documents.

  2. Join Anachron at the first Credit Summer Event

    The overarching theme ‘The future of Credit Management starts here’ anticipates developments that you, as a financial professional, can expect to see materialize in the near future, e.g.: Finance 4.0

February 2016

  1. Take a quick tour of Anachron’s Sign2Pay and Contract2Sign

    Anachron’s Contract2Sign solution provides a simple method for accelerating your customer intake process. Accept2Pay makes it easier for customers to pay you, no matter where you, or they, operate.