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May 2017

  1. “PEPPOL – Does anyone care?” [LinkedIN discussion]

    “I’ve yet to see anything that comes close to the open/inclusive architecture of EDIFACT and ANSI-X12 standards. PEPPOL represents an excellent architecture but I fear it will fail the long term adoption test.”

  2. Italy wants to make B2B e-invoicing mandatory, combating VAT fraud

    Italy wants to step up the use of electronic invoicing, and is seeking a compromise with Brussels to allow Italy to lift the EU ban on making electronic invoicing mandatory in the business to business segment!

  3. Introducing: the E-invoicing Yearbook 2017 – Q1 [Free download]

    As each post is interesting and newsworthy by itself, this is increased when we sort these posts in the sections underneath. In the first quarter of 2017 alone we published 103 posts sorted into ‘trendy’ categories. Download the free ‘E-invoicing Yearbook – Q1’ right now, right here [PDF, 112 pages]

  4. Thomas Bravo / Hyland buys Readsoft, Kofax, Perceptive Software from Lexmark

    Kofax and ReadSoft will unite to create a single, independent company under the Kofax brand. The Perceptive Software business will become part of Hyland.

  5. Robotic Acccounting startup raises USD30 million investment

    UiPath, a New York-based company that uses computer-vision to automate repetitive business processes involving software, has raised $30 million to help expand globally, according to DigitalCommerce360.

    The move comes as companies increasingly look to artificial intelligence to solve the sorts of routine tasks, such as checking invoices and inputting data from human resource forms into databases, […]

  6. Mandatory e-invoicing for Vietnamese companies as from 2018

    The Vietnamese General Department of Taxation has ruled that from 2018, firms with chartered capital of more than VND15 billion (>USD 659,000) must issue e-invoices and periodically send tax offices data on the issued invoices.

April 2017

  1. Five big benefits of UBL e-invoicing for the receiver

    Receiving and processing an invoice in UBL format yields significant benefits for the customer, while it requires no extra efforts or costs for the supplier in sending a UBL file.

  2. OneTrail and Esker receive UBL Ready label; now 96 participants

    Is your service or solution UBL ReadY? UBL Ready implies: providing a solution or service in ‘receiving and processing UBL e-invoices‘ and/or ‘generating and sending UBL e-invoices’. Obtaining the ‘UBL Ready’ label is free and as simple by filling out the application form.

  3. IATA’s E-billing System (CASS) active in 93 countries, Russia is next

    Late 2016 CASS was operating in 93 territories worldwide, helping airlines, GSSAs and forwarders settle a combined US$26.4 billion in freight-related transactions.

March 2017

  1. Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB) issues interim report on the EIPP/EBPP landscape

    This initial exploratory mission set out the European context, identified the success factors, the obstacles faced and the working group’s options for any future developments of harmonised EIPP/EBPP solutions