CloudTrade Clears Invoice Mountain for

The number of invoices has become unmanageable for to deal with and a backlog of invoices built up.
A traditional e-invoicing solution wasn’t an option for as many of their suppliers are unable to provide XML or EDI invoices and send PDF invoices instead. They needed to find a way to automatically extract the data out of these PDFs and entering it into their ERP system. And that is where CloudTrade came in…..

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Krones AG does fully compliant Latin American E-invoicing via Invoiceware

Scott Lewin, President & CEO, Invoiceware International: "We are pleased to have Krones AG utilizing our SAP Hybrid Cloud for Brazil Nota Fiscal to simplify compliance with the ongoing electronic invoicing challenges in Brazil including Nota Fiscal version 3.1. Multinationals are continuing to turn to the Invoiceware’s SAP Hybrid Cloud to maintain compliance, reduce support costs and limit the impact of the fiscal regulations on their global SAP® ERP systems."

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Chile Mandates E-Invoicing? Don’t Forget the seven Readiness Requirements!

With Chile’s electronic invoicing mandates set to take effect in only a few short months, it is important to understand that your solution selection criteria should include more than just the DTE connectivity. If you don’t understand how you will meet the 7 requirements for “Readiness” through the SII website, you could find yourself with a solution that still doesn’t allow you to operate your business!

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Moldova implements mandatory B2G e-invoicing as from 1 September 2014

Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca requested the Moldovan State Tax Inspectorate (STI) to ensure that before September 2014, 150 public institutions are mandatory connected to the Moldovan E-invoicing platform to receive and automatically process e-invoices.

The measure comes to limit the risk of corruption in the procurement process, increase transparency of public institutions and reduce their administrative costs.

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Mexican e-invoicing adoption up 300 percent in 6 months

During the first half of the year, the growth in the number of issuers of electronic billing taxpayers increased by more than 300% compared to 2013. The reason for this steep rise is of course that as from 1 April 2014, electronic invoices are the only way to go in Mexico.

Countries that have mandated the use of advanced electronic invoices (compared to PDF einvoices and alike) have seen remarkable advances in more efficient tax collection and anti VAT fraud protection.

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InvoiceSharing is one of the top ten best global Fintech Startups

InvoiceSharing is the only e-invoicing service provider selected for the top 10 of the best 2014 global financial startups: StartupBootcamp. All in all there were 435 contestants and after a global tour encompassing 10 cities, the final selection days were in London. The program kicks off in August, and will culminate in a demo day later this year where the teams will pitch to some 200+ investors.

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Belgium government receives first ever UBL e-invoice

At the initiative of the Minister Olivier Chastel and the Secretary of State Hendrik Bogaert, the Belgian federal authorities this week received their first non-PDF UBL electronic invoice.

The non-PDF UBL e-invoice was sent by Electrabel via “Mercurius”, which is a centralized platform for receiving electronic invoices. Electronic invoices received via this platform are automatically integrated into Fedcom, the accounting system of the Belgian Federal Public Services.

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Billtrust buys Open Scan Technologies

July 18th, 2014 by in Merger, Acquisition, Funding

By offering an even more integrated solution, Billtrust wants to deliver clients significant operational advantages including recognizing their payments with greater efficiency and speed. Billtrust already offers bill presentment and payment products and services that span online, email, mobile, IVR, bank and paper.

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News flash: Kenyan Water Bills to Be Sent Via Sms

The Kenyan Water and Sewerage Company will no longer send clients hard copy bills through the post office but will be sending it via text messages.In a notice issued by its management they stated to use e-billing via the mobile handsets or e-mails.The service begins in August. The company urged customers to update mobile phone numbers and other contacts in the company.

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HighJump Software Acquires Atlas Products International, Expands Global Trading Partner Network in Europe

Michael Cornell, CEO of HighJump Software: “Atlas offers a unique set of solutions that allow companies to more efficiently transact business electronically and compete more effectively in a connected marketplace. This acquisition extends our global trading partner network, both functionally and geographically, and complements our existing HighJump B2Bi business which leads the market in Denmark and Nordic region of Europe and our TrueCommerce trading partner integration network in North America.”

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