SEPA: Banks discontinue direct debits in favour of automatic e-invoice standing order

August 27th, 2014 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Payment

With the integration into the Single European Payment Area, the requirements of the European Parliament Regulation will enter into force, more and more Nordic banks phasing out the current direct debit based solutions in favour of the automatic e-invoice standing order: a subscription based e-invoice process.

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KPMG globally launches the universal InvoiceSharing connector [video]

Today, KPMG officially launches the universal KPMG InvoiceSharing connector to the world. The last few months they have been working hard to create a standardised connector that allows all ERP system (but especially the bigger SAP’s en Oracle’s) to seamlessly connect with InvoiceSharing.

The universal KPMG Connector for InvoiceSharing allows for all invoices to be automatically processed in your ERP system.

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2 Major North American Newspapers Embrace E-Invoicing with PaletteArena

Two of North America’s largest daily newspapers have deployed web-based electronic invoicing from PaletteInvoice, distributed by EchoVera. Both newspapers are using the technology to process, approve and schedule the 65,000 supplier invoices they receive annually.

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Medius shows strong first half year with 27 % growth

Sales are up in all segments for both existing and new customers. Some of the new customers are DT Group in Denmark, Quaker Chemical Corporation, MOM’s Organic Market, DTS, Dejana and Proterra in the US, Topro, Univern and Scanship in Norway, Dedicare, NTM, Granngården and Älvsbyhus in Sweden.

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Murcian Health Service ready to receive e-invoices via EDICOM

Through the Murcia Region portal, the Murcian Health Service now offers its suppliers a platform for the processing of invoices by electronic means, fulfilling the criteria of Law 25/2013, such as the receipt of invoices in Facturae 3.2 format and the creation of a general point of entry for invoices, where the documents will be received and registered.

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Kenya launches online e-procurement system

August 19th, 2014 by in Africa, E-procurement, Government

The Kenyan government has launched an online system for submitting and evaluating procurement applications in a bid. This is done in an effort to become more efficient and eliminate corruption. Subsequently the goal is also to slash long queues and processes that take time.

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Amexipac expands services to electronic accounting

According to Nelly Maldonado, the management of electronic accounting files allows for better controls and greater confidentiality of information. He also believes that it will lead to an increase in productivity and competitiveness, as it allows users to better manage the financial information business, and leverage data to make strategic decisions.

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Italy publishes clarifications on their e-invoicing regulations

August 18th, 2014 by in Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Legal

Circular 18/E of June 24, 2014 contains important clarifications and some simplifications to the electronic invoicing procedure. In particular, the Italian Revenue Agency has defined the concept of “business control” for the first time: a system to guarantee the main requirements of the authenticity, integrity and legibility of an electronic invoice.

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VinaPhone launches B2B and B2C einvoicing services in Vietnam

August 18th, 2014 by in Asia, Electronic Invoicing

The e-invoice is fully valid in accordance with legal regulations, so corporate customers can use it for accounting or tax statement. Additionally, this system also stores invoices for the past 10 years, so customers can store, manage and print for use as necessary.

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Calculating the ROI for EDI

Research makes clear that most of the pressure to adopt EDI comes from customers towards suppliers. Higher ROI is in second place. For SME suppliers this can be tricky. Big customer sets EDI as mandatory requirement to do business but technical understanding what EDI means practically and what the benefits of using EDI are not clear.

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